New Small Business Podcast "Keeping Shop"

I'm so thrilled for my friend Rachel Wentworth with the launch of her new podcast Keeping Shop!!!! Rachel - who owns boutique lingerie shop Forty Winks in Harvard Square - created this podcast as a source of inspiration and camaraderie for retailers and small business owners. This comes at an apropos time in light of the new direction with the US President Elect...women need to stick together more than ever. Sharing our stories and experiences is such a valuable support. I can't wait to hear from more small business owners as the episodes are released. 

I'm incredibly honored to be her first interviewee - check it out here!

xx S

Sophie Hughes
Guest Designer in the Shop: Laura Jaklitsch

This July, we'll be featuring a special collection from local designer Laura Jaklitsch! Laura has been a regular at Ore since our opening and we're excited to show her Wood x Polyurethane line for the first time. Based in Somerville, MA, Laura draws inspiration from architecture--both manmade and of the natural world--and distills the details she sees into wearable forms using a signature wood and polyurethane inlay technique. Laura also uses recycled metals and sustainably sourced wood from local woodworkers' cutoffs. 

With brightly-colored, sleek, contemporary forms, Laura's graphic pieces are perfect for summer!

Join us for a cocktail hour with Laura on Thursday July 7, from 5-7pm @ Ore!!

Sophie Hughes