Custom Ring FAQ's

How do I order a custom ring with Sophie Hughes?

We hand make each ring one at a time with hyper attention to detail, and love collaborating with our clients to create their dream ring. You can create a custom engagement ring in one of two ways:

A. Shop our Custom Collection online by choosing your stone size, metal and finish.

B. For more intimate involvement in the process, work one-on-one with our team to create a Bespoke ring with a stone of your choosing or an heirloom stone.

No matter which process you choose, you’re able to tailor the style to you! We’ve made hundreds of custom engagement rings, each carrying a unique story, and we would love to help with yours.

How much does a custom ring cost?
Pricing for our custom ring styles with various diamond sizes can be found on each Custom Engagement Ring listing - see the rings with prices that say “from”. If you have a family diamond you would like to use, or if you prefer a Lab Grown or Antique Old European Cut Diamond, please get in touch for pricing.

I have my own family diamond or metal, can you use it?
We love breathing new life into heirloom diamonds by resetting them! We can work with clients’ heirloom round diamonds over .25ct, which are delivered to us in their original mounting. Please get in touch for pricing. Unfortunately we don’t have the capabilities here to refine and reuse client metal.

Can I choose my diamond?
Your diamond will be hand-selected by our expert design team according to your size and quality specifications. The specifications are a minimum, so your stone will be at least that quality or better. If you would like to personally review a curated group of diamonds with our expert design team to select yours, please be in touch prior to ordering to schedule a Diamond Selection Meeting. Please note, this is an additional design service at an additional cost.

Can we use a Sapphire or a Salt-and-Pepper Diamond in my custom ring?
We stick to white diamonds with our custom rings to ensure the best availability and consistency. We love Sapphires and Salt-and-Pepper Diamonds, but they’re tricky to source on-demand since there’s such a wide range of variability. We have found it’s best to add the stand-outs to our collection when we come across them over time, and offer these in special in-stock designs.

How long will it take for me to get my ring?
Our custom rings take up to 12 weeks, and can vary depending on design complexity and our current production schedule. Please be in touch if you have a shorter timeline, and we can advise regarding options with a quicker turnaround. Our in-stock rings generally ship within a few days.

How do I find out my (or my partner’s) ring size?
For the most accurate size, we recommend visiting our shop so we can size you in person. If you can't come in to the shop, you can download this at-home ring size sheet here. We also have plastic sizers we can mail you upon request.

Can my ring be resized?
We offer a complimentary resizing within 90 days on our engagement rings. Resizing takes 1-3 weeks. When purchasing an in-stock ring, we suggest sticking with the current size for now, so we can resize it accurately when we’re able to measure the recipient. We craft our rings at a common average size. There’s a limit to how much rings can be resized, and eternity bands cannot be resized, so be sure to ask about your ring if you have concerns.

What is 18k Grey Gold?
18k Grey Gold is a unique white gold alloy that contains palladium, a metal in the platinum family, instead of the nickel found in traditional white gold. We love it for its warm undertones and strength. It’s a nickel-free option, making it the perfect choice for someone who prefers white gold but has a nickel sensitivity. Additionally, Grey Gold doesn’t require the rhodium plating traditionally done over white gold - thus avoiding a toxic process and bi-annual re-plating upkeep.

What sort of upkeep will my ring need?
Jewelry will require some maintenance over time, and we're here for you! Metal and diamonds are strong, but not invincible - your jewelry should be worn thoughtfully and serviced periodically. Prongs should be checked for tightness every six months, and we're pleased to offer this service complimentary as well as complimentary cleanings. For at-home cleanings of gold and diamond jewelry, you can use warm water and dish soap - more info here.

Do you have any suggestions for insurance?
We suggest insuring your ring and/or your loose heirloom diamond with Jewelers Mutual or your homeowners policy in case of any loss or damage.

Do you offer financing?
We offer financing through PayPal. Prior to checkout, you can apply at the link below, and then let us know. We will need to email you a PayPal invoice, instead of using our website's normal checkout process.