18K Grey Gold Salt & Pepper Bezel Set Solitaire

18K Grey Gold Salt & Pepper Bezel Set Solitaire



There are entire galaxies inside of this incredible Salt & Pepper Grey Diamond! We've set this 1.31ct stone in our signature tapered tulip bezel for a simplicity that allows the depth and texture of the diamond to do the talking. The knife edge band on this ring adds a strong linear detail before flattening around the back for comfortable wear. With a clean, polished finish this ring is eye-catching, celestial and replete with mystique in 18k grey gold.

Custom sizing - please make note upon checkout.

Each piece is individually forged start-to-finish in Sophie’s Boston studio using timeworn hammers, anvils, hand tools and torches.

Sophie uses the highest quality recycled gold and silver, along with antique or ethically sourced gems, for environmentally and socially responsible jewelry.


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