One-of-a-kind Rhodochrosite Necklace

One-of-a-kind Rhodochrosite Necklace


This One-of-a-kind Rhodochrosite, sometimes called "the stone of love," is luscious with a juicy pink palette. Set in recycled 18k yellow gold and hanging on 30 inches of 18k chain, this piece is perfect for both layering or wearing as a show stealing stand-alone. We went with an open setting to make this piece reversible - leaving the choice between the faceted dome face and the smooth cabochon face to the wearer.

18k Yellow Gold | 30" chain

Rhodochrosite: 11mm x 9mm | 5.56ct

Each piece is individually forged start-to-finish in Sophie’s Boston studio using timeworn hammers, anvils, hand tools and torches.

Sophie uses the highest quality recycled gold and silver, along with antique or ethically sourced gems, for environmentally and socially responsible jewelry.

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