We're moving the shop to Tremont Street!

After months of planning, I’m incredibly excited to finally share the news that WE’RE MOVING! Beginning mid-April 2018, you will find us in our new sunlit, loft-style storefront at  681 Tremont St.

We've been asking ourselves "what's next" for a while and it was in reflecting on the profound connections with our clients and the partnerships with our small business community that we found our inspirations and our answers. Looking back, my original goal when I took the plunge and moved from the artist studios in the SoWa district to our original storefront on Dartmouth street was to highlight small, independent designers while providing ethical, responsibly sourced and locally made jewelry to the Boston area and beyond. It's been four and a half years since I hung the open sign on the door for the first time and I'm proud to say that we have achieved all that, and more.

Ore has become a place where people come to choose totems that bring them peace or power, a place to find or create symbols that express the love they carry - for themselves, their family, their friends and their lovers. We've been honored by the patronage of countless wonderful and supportive clients and by Best of Boston awards four years running. We've been behind the scenes on innumerable proposals, the heart-melting details of which have been so hard to keep secret that, at times, we thought we might just burst! We've created bands for hundreds of unions, a tradition we understand the power and beauty of through both our own experiences and those of others. Through the intimate nature of jewelry, we've been party to the most important moments and memories in the lives of so many people. The result has been the cultivation of deep roots and strong bonds in the South End - a neighborhood that we are so grateful we will continue to call home.

In seizing the opportunity to replant ourselves in a bigger pot, we look forward to digging deeper into the facets of this business that create meaning and bring us joy. Our new, larger location will allow us to both expand our collection and, most importantly, offer a more spacious environment to engage and collaborate with clients one-on-one. With floor to ceiling windows, exposed (original!) brick, and oak floors, we think you'll agree that she's a classic beauty.

It has been - and will continue to be - an honor to grow with your support. We invite you to follow along (and come visit!) as we begin this new chapter. My truest gratitude to you for making this possible. <3