Our Approach


We hold the wellbeing of people and the planet at the heart of all we do. Exclusively using the highest quality sustainable gold and gems, we create environmentally and socially responsible fine jewelry. We are entirely committed to offering beautiful pieces that we feel good about making and you feel good about wearing - because if we’re not doing it right, why do it at all?

In contrast to a world so quickly mass-producing an abundance of “stuff” without regard, we strive for quality not only in the jewelry we make and the materials we use, but also in the lives and environments of our industry partners. The practice of crafting an heirloom is a sustainable practice in and of itself; rather than chasing trends, each jewel is made with a timelessness and quality intended to be enjoyed for generations. 

Our key priorities are:

  • Using recycled metals and stones to minimize harmful environmental and labor practices
  • Giving back to organizations that support the environment and human rights
  • Supporting small-batch, local production


Sustainability doesn’t end with the materials we choose – it’s also about our behaviors and commitments. 


With domestic sourcing and local one-by-one production, we’re able to ensure the equitable working conditions of our team and our production partners. We keep our footprint light with sourcing and operations as close to home as possible.

Additionally we’re carbon neutral, as set forth by The Gold Standard, and our goal is to achieve carbon negative status. We make the best sustainability choices available to us in our studio: using renewable resources and renewable energy, reducing the use of chemicals in favor of non-toxic products and processes, minimizing waste and packaging, and regularly seeking further improvements.


We aspire to push beyond our own resource conservation and contribute to a meaningful positive impact. We’re proud to support organizations like Earthworks, a non-profit working to ensure that new mining operations respect human rights and the environment. 

As a member of 1% for the Planet, we pledge at least 1% of our sales to environmental initiatives, regardless of our profitability. We measure ourselves using the triple bottom line of people and planet, then profit. 

We are constantly striving to reach higher standards when it comes to our studio’s impacts. We know the industry and the world are always changing and providing new ways to practice conscientious craftsmanship; our commitment is to continually refine and improve our practices along the way.