Our Materials


From vintage diamonds to recycled gold, these durable materials maintain their high quality over time, making them ideal for reuse. Responsible precious materials link us to a bigger story: There’s a unique sense of history with gold and diamonds that have lived prior lives, and promise for the future with their minimal impact.

We’re over all the greenwashing and murky ethics out there; “conflict-free” holds no weight anymore with its narrow scope. In short, we believe the most environmentally and socially responsible source of precious materials is recycled.


We use 100% recycled gold for every piece of jewelry we make. We feel very strongly about this choice given the shocking environmental impacts of mining: mining accounts for 95% of the industry’s carbon emissions and to mine enough gold for just one ring displaces 20 tons of earth

We partner with East Coast refineries who salvage gold scrap from a variety of sources beyond just the jewelry industry, like the tech and medical fields. The refinery melts it all down, removes any impurities, and re-alloys it to the highest fine jewelry standards. This gold is recycled in accordance with Responsible Jewellery Council, OSHA, and EPA protocols, and is independently verified by SCS Global for its recycled content. The gold arrives at our studio looking and performing absolutely as good as new.


Sophie selects each diamond for its impeccable quality and incredible beauty…and they just so happen to be recycled. Even our melee diamonds are recycled, a rarity among the most sustainable jewelers. Our diamonds are sparkly and precious as ever, having stood the test of time and ready to be reimagined anew.

We’re passionate about vintage and antique diamonds in particular. Vintage diamonds, cut in the modern styles you know and love, are indistinguishable from newly minded stones – despite being decades old. Antique diamonds, mined over a century ago, were fashioned in the romantic styles indicative of the era. 

Two antique cuts Sophie adores, the Old European Cut and the Old Mine Cut, date from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. These diamonds were hand-cut by masters and are identifiable by their unique facet patterns. As you can imagine given their age, antique diamonds are becoming increasingly rare and valued. 


When reclaimed stones are not structurally reliable or consistently available, we commit to sourcing only the most sustainable and ethical stones. Montana Sapphires, mined in Montana, USA, are truly remarkable. 

These stones are traceable from mine to market. As the mines are locally owned and operated by small businesses you can be confident the people who supply them are taken care of and that the local community benefits from the mining production.

If you have ever been to Montana you’ll recognize the “big sky”, lush forests and stunning sunsets reflected in the coloration of these stunning precious stones. Think watercolor blues, sunny yellows and green valleys – colors that are uniquely beautiful and symbolic of the nature from which these stones come.

Learn more about Montana Sapphires.


Our trusted Gem partners carefully source beautiful, ethical gemstones with transparent supply chains. Recycled options are not yet available on a commercial scale, so we are committed to supporting the industry leaders in responsible sourcing of new material. Our gemstones are handled in accordance with strict environmental and fair labor standards, and we endeavor to know as much as possible about every gemstone that we select.