Montana Sapphires


Extraordinary colors, domestic mining and impressive durability make the Montana Sapphire an incredibly special stone. 

You know ethics and sustainability are at the core of Sophie Hughes’ work. This is a key reason why we love Montana Sapphires! Montana-mined gems ensure that you know exactly where your stone came from and that the highest standards of ethical mining practices were used. You can also be confident that the folks who brought it to you are taken care of and that the local community benefits from the mining production. Montana sapphire mines are locally owned and operated small businesses - just like us! 

We adore sapphires’ broad range of color, but Montana Sapphires are truly remarkable. If you have ever been to Montana you’ll recognize the “big sky”, lush forests and stunning sunsets reflected in the coloration of these stunning precious stones. Think watercolor blues, sunny yellows and green valleys – colors that are uniquely beautiful and symbolic of the nature from which these stones come.