2024 Trends: Our Favorites!

Engagement ring trends for this year strike a balance between classic sophistication and contemporary style, highlighting personalization and ethical practices. Vintage-inspired details, creative band designs, the allure of sapphires, and versatile stacking options, appealing to couples looking for distinctive and conscientious choices.

Playful Bands

Presenting a bold and distinctive aesthetic, wide bands and curved bands stand out as two of our favorite unique band options, appealing to individuals in search of statement pieces radiating elegance and individuality. Wide bands boast durability and stability, making them a practical choice for everyday wear. Meanwhile, curved bands are delicately contoured to enhance and complement the center stone, resulting in a seamless and harmonious silhouette that exudes sophistication.


For those looking for a beautiful yet durable option, Montana sapphires, prized for their unique beauty and origin, are gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional diamonds. Found in a range of captivating hues including blue, green, yellow, and orange, these untreated gemstones boast a rich, velvety appearance. Sourced from small-scale mining operations in Montana, they offer both ethically sourced and domestically produced options.

Stackable Rings

For individuals seeking flexibility in their ring choices, stackable or nesting rings offer versatility. Wearers can create personalized looks by mixing and matching various bands, allowing for endless possibilities of expression and style. This trend seamlessly transitions between engagement and wedding ring sets, catering to diverse preferences and tastes.