Sparkle All Summer Long: Tips for Keeping Your Jewelry Shining Bright


Summer brings with it sunshine, outdoor adventures, and a whole lot of fun. But amidst all the excitement, jewelry can sometimes lose its luster. From sunscreen to sweat, sand, and saltwater, there are plenty of elements that can dull the sparkle of your favorite pieces. With a little care and attention, you can ensure that your jewelry remains radiant all summer long. Here are some expert tips to keep your jewelry sparkling through the sunniest season:

  • Sunscreen : Summertime means sunscreen! While great for your skin, sunscreen can build up behind your diamond. While it won't damage or hurt your rings, consider removing your rings before applying your SPF, and follow our tips below to keep your stone clean!
  • Deep Clean: Regular cleaning is key to maintaining the brilliance of your jewelry. Soak your diamonds in boiling water & dish soap (or a little windex!). Use a soft bristled toothbrush to gently remove dirt and grime. For pieces with gemstones, a mild solution of soap and warm water will do wonders.  Delicate stones like opals and pearls shouldn't be scrubbed! Worried about cleaning pieces yourself? Reach out to us!
  • Be Careful at the Beach: Sand can actually scratch gold, so be sure to leave your rings at home when you head to beach or store them safely in your car!
  • Be Mindful of Activities: Certain activities, such as gardening, sports, or outdoor adventures, can pose risks to your jewelry. Before engaging in any strenuous or hands-on activities, consider removing your jewelry to prevent damage or loss. It's better to be safe than sorry! 
  • Rotate Your Pieces: Instead of wearing the same jewelry every day, consider rotating your pieces to give them a break and prevent excessive wear. Not only does this prolong the life of your jewelry, but it also allows you to enjoy a variety of looks throughout the summer season.