September Sapphires


Sapphire is the stone of September - a symbol for those born within the month or those who are marking a special milestone moment. Sapphires are one of the most precious gems and are thought to hold many unique meanings. Traditionally the stone has represented truth, sincerity and nobility. It also, historically and in modern times, represents romance and royalty. 

Before the popularity of the diamond, sapphires were a common stone for engagement rings. They have regained popularity as such in recent decades, mostly in response to Princess Diana's iconic sapphire engagement ring. The stone continues to hold significance in marriages as the traditional gift for the 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries. Additionally, it's particularly a traditional engagement ring stone in New England!

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Introducing Australian Sapphires


We’re excited to be growing our sapphire selection with these beautiful, multi-colored Australian sapphires. Australian sapphires are mined mostly on the eastern side of the country in Central Queensland and northern New South Wales. Though the sapphires mined here are predominantly blue, there are some green and yellow stones. 

As with all stones used by Sophie Hughes, sustainability is front of mind. Our Australian sapphires (from Queensland) are mined on an artisanal scale, and traceable from mine to market – ensuring minimal environmental disruption. With workplace standards being comparable to those here in America, we know that each of these stones was mined ethically. 

Stay tuned for new pieces featuring these Australian sapphires, coming soon!